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Thread: sms

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    *imagining her trying to read abbreviationz*
    yeah i know wat ur talkin abt...but u see...most ppl dont have UNLIMITED they just try to fit EVERYTHING in ONE sms
    be gentle to dem
    We are in an exceptionally deep and widespread global recession:whistle;

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    but whats the point if I don't understand the message :P

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    ^^ they can alwayz call u...a slow ass

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    nah man...just sophisticated :P

    [surprisingly wasting time on here, is helping me get my reading done]

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    stop hanging out wid desi auntiez and find chickz ur age:wiggle:

    PS: aaaawwwwwww @ ur reading...does dis one have any photo shotoz???:cc_confused:

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    chicks my age are sophisticated :] we just act like kids :P

    I wish it did it only has diagrams, and not even in color..
    was excited when i saw the picture of the shoe[s] but it was in black and white..what a rip off"""

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    (i have no idea wat she juss said:cc_confused:)

    PS: byeeeeeeeeeeee for nowwww...i'll catch u @ nite

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    I don't either :O

    byeee...I'm off to do some more reading

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    u all r looking fool to me...i have asked of the sms containing ayat or anything islamic..they say send it to 10 ppl 20 or something.if u didnt did this u will b in trouble for 10 years or so on.hope u all did understand it.:P

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    ^^sorta like forwarded messages..I don't believe in those types of messages...those get deleted the moment I get them

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