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    Quote Originally Posted by porcelein_doll, post: 377416
    u all r looking fool to me...i have asked of the sms containing ayat or anything islamic..they say send it to 10 ppl 20 or something.if u didnt did this u will b in trouble for 10 years or so on.hope u all did understand it.:P
    go read ur frst post:winkiss:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 377351
    one must pass by learning not by cheating
    true that brings confidence in one's ability...

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    we can always learn
    u make me happy

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    Right Dsjeya.
    Quote Originally Posted by porcelein_doll, post: 377039
    in these days every1 receiving sms like if u ignored it or delete them. wat u do wid them?
    I do both. Ignore first and then delete them.:lol;

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    ^^ it costz 15 centz to open up da damn msg...and wen u read it...u wana go crush da person:hamm;

    PS: recession time ppl:king:

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    ^^seriously..and then you wonder what the frudgesickle where they think and don't they have something better to do then send out a dumb text

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    Delete them~
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