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Thread: Real facts to make every indian proud

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    Real facts to make every Indian proud.

    Indian culture is based on cast system. We manged to remove apartheid but we still have it in India in form of cast where we have those untouchables. We can find paralelles between Nazism and Indian culture or hinduculture. The nazi symbol is basically a relligious symbol in hinduism.

    I have seen a documantry film on CNN where they showed how in an indian village the women were forced to drink urin and eat shitt from villages men, they believed that it was necessary for throwing out the evil from the women. So elightened we are.

    Still in more uncivilized regions in India women get burned to death as "satti" with there dead husbands.

    Women after there husbands death are not able to marry them for the rest of there life. But become dasis, and are sexually abused by pandits.

    India is the country which have the worst hygenic conditions in it`s large and overpopulated cities, according to world health report 2006.

    India is the country where still it`s common to take abortion when the child is a girl.

    India is the country where the spreading rate of HIV is highest in Asia.

    India has the highest rate of people who live under the poverty line in world.

    India is the country where 24 different organisations in different states working for there freedom.

    Shastri wrotes in his biografi that he used to drink cow urin, and he said that it`s good for the health.

    Nero chacha had an affair with a norwegian man, from Gudbrandsdalen in Norway, it was a big article and pictures of them when gay Nero visited him in Norway.

    The biggest democracy??? Talk when it`s possible for an "achooot" (untouchable) to become prime-minister of the state.

    A peaceful country????? We have been in war with Pakistan four times, once with china, are supporting terrorist group Tamil Tigers. Have over 750 000 soldiers in occupied Kashmir, whor are daily killing and raping kashmiris.
    We are using most of our budget on military, when people have no food, no healthcare, no pure water etc. etc.


    Algebra was found by the Arabs. Al Jaberra is the right word. (read any international book on math`s history)

    Zero or Sifar (word sifar is arabic) is first ever used and invented by Arabs.(read any international book on math`s history)

    We have the roman system and teh arabic system. 12345..... is called the arabic numbers in the world of mathmatics.

    And it`s a discusion on either chinese or the Arabs were founder of Chess.

    Every single history related to the Indus Valley is history of Pakistan and not India, because Indus runs through Pakistan, so the navigation science comes from the sindhis. Sindh is second largest province of Pakistan in population.

    India has invaded bhutan. And still is occupieng Jammu Kashmir, according to UN resolution.

    India never existed before the muslim moghules conqured the several small states ruled by raja`s and they made india to India.
    A bharat has actually never existed before that. Bharat was just a symbolic word used in vedas for the land east to sapta-sindh.
    In vedas it`s written that the land of Sapta Sindh is pure and Bharat warsha east to that is "napunsak."

    Language hindi has never existed, it`s based on urdu with some words from the dead language sansktit and written in sanskriti form. Under moghules urdu was the official language of india, and under the british raj english and urdu were oficial languages. where did hindi came from?

    All Indian movies, songs and poetry is mostly in Urdu, but still we call it for hindi, ironically.
    Most of those songs in indian movies are stolen from "across the border" (Pakistan)
    The richest civilisation ever existed on the face of the earth was the egyptions, and then the civilisation of Babylon and Ur.

    Harrappa valley culture is not indian. Harrappians where never indians because india did not exist on that time. And their culture vanished before india came on the map.They were sindhis who are Pakistanis.

    Decimal: the word is from latin.[/size]

    And when you have quoted persons who have said some "nice" things about india,,,,could you be more acurate and also write your source or sources? instead of thanking someone in delhi or using a person as your source.
    I think you are really misguided and brainwashed.

    Jai hind

    Seek the truth and it will seek you.

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    An absolute eye-opener!!
    Dream, I do.

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    really an eye opener for stupid like you....coz seems EAGLEVISION is SON of a....and dam sure that ** was ** by an Indian..........
    Endurer is just a yes man....donno anything.....not even his fathers whereabout

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    wow are saved...coz in the end u said "JAI HIND".....and thats the only truth in your see how powerful is that word.....keep repeating JAI HIND evry day and night...and save urself......
    This one word can forgive ur all mistakes and bastardness........

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    Eaglevision wat ever u said about women burning alive and HIV things dos r true...but India is peaceful country...and the talk about war with Pakistan is that we didnt do nething but dey came and started the war with us...and as of any country we have right to defend our self...thats wat exactly we did...and bro Sanskrit is one of the oldest and ancient language of all...if u think i am wrong ask any one... and bro Urdi language came when Islam religion was born and to remind u Hindu religion is the oldest religion in the world and again if u thing i am wrong...ask yr parents...and if u want more info about India...u can always ask me...

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