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Thread: sms

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    in these days every1 receiving sms like if u ignored it or delete them. wat u do wid them?

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    wat KIND ov sms???
    those "FR'A'NDSHIP" onez???
    or juss da NORMAL onez???

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    depends on the criteria of sms...and then action is taken...
    when out of inbox limit...i start deleting them...

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    dat was a SERIOUS qstn???:cc_confused:
    i thought she was juss kiddin:whistle;
    and sorry not stalkin u...i am just BORED...and ur da onli one who seemz to be alive at da moment:doh:

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    hehehe..have your good time...
    take the question the way you want.

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    lolz...i was taking dem da way i got dem while i was in pak...and trust me...most of it was FRANDSHIP onez
    so i thought datz wat she was referrin to

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    its ok...we do get most sms from friends but i keep them and deleting the ones which are from etisalat (my ip portal)

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    oopz FRANDSHIP...i meant..those weird sms that say 'will u be my FR'A'ND?"
    or 'im lonely and in search ov a TRUE FR'A'ND" type
    they r pretty pop in pak..if ur a grl...u get tonz ov em
    so i thought she didnt know wat to do wid em

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    ohhoi...sorry for the mis understanding..
    thankfully i dont get those..
    i usually get frndship ones in my inbox...and its tough to take them out...when the acc is not opened for weeks...

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    lolzzzzz...aaawwww itz aight...i guess u havent been to ur home country for a while huh??
    kisi larki ko nahi chorte
    and fwd sms iz a biggie in UAE too???

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