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    If u fell in a well
    u have a rope but
    If u fell in love u
    only have hope.

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    Well kuch loogh tou apnni meethi meethi baaton say 1st aap ko pyar fall in love kerwatte hain,aur phir hope bhi nahi dete.
    tou un ka kya kiya jae

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    interesting.. hope lies in the north.. as far as i've heard.. go get it manni.
    Dream, I do.

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    Well it all depents how deep is the well and how long is the rope....
    Also it all depents how deep is the love and how long that feeling last....
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    rope is 1.5 meter long, i just came out of the well.

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    zimmi bhai swimming kerne utare they app? ^o)
    Dream, I do.

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    hopes per zindgi qaim hai

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