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Thread: Rate the avatar

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    whose going to rate my avatar ^o) perhaps you phuggot

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    m da onli nice one here:kicking:
    so lemi give u a 10 again
    khush ho jao:serenade:

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    nope actually m totally confused :s

    Sweet_a: Thtz soo cute avatar, get it off ur dp!!! so that i can make it mine

    And yea i know u think i m a wierdo ... meri akser baatein jo app k sir pe se guzar jaati hain, woh yahan ki ladki ko samajh main aajae ... lekin app US ki hain tou nahi aata.

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    ^^ who said i think ur a WEIRDO?:s

    oh Goddddddddddd
    i juss read dat
    damnnn mannnn...

    - NEVER JOKE AROUND WID NYONE...PPL GET SERIOUS AS HELL...(get ur bum out ov dis place sweet_a!!)

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    Ajeeb = wierdo

    Oh common, its ok. forget it... sorry. U know i m sensitive. mujhe kia pata mazaaq ker raheen hain.. u shud have made a tounge smiley or something to express that its just a joke..

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    What's happening here ^o)

    Yeah...i just noticed sweet's new's awesome :up; 9 for you sweet

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    i will give this avatar 9 out of 10

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    @ tulip...we r talkin abt how buddhe everyone iz here:kicking:

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    @ rahen...itz a heartttttttttt:sad2:
    why iz it so KALA???:hitler:

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    hehehe .. If ya think we young souls need some better place to talk ... then i recommend boredomkiller. (dunno wht it is :mad8; ) ...

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