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Thread: Rate the avatar

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    ^ 8/10

    btw tulip baji its a moon in her dp. So, no other color is suitable except for black. But if it was like a Globe which was in om shanti om too tou phir koi aur color acha lagta..

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    she waz talking abt another avi......referring to black...

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    Oh ok, lekin jahan tak mujhe yaad hai tabh bhi yehi pic thi.

    hmm, ghalat fehmi hogae kuch i guess.

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    nahi us waqt koi aur thi...that waz a black background with a fractal different colors...

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    acha woh waali, hmm.. k

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    and now i will change it again for this thread.lemme check for some..

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    itna lamba kyun soch rahi ho...

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    apke next avatar ko soch rahi thi...koi lamba chora he uuummmm bhi ussi hisab se thi:drunk:

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    koi lamba chorne k liye koi lambi avatar bhi tau ho...
    many not my taste...

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