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Thread: Now a Nude Video of Top Actress!

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    Its only waste of time.... huhh :mad8;

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    haha I think the video is really of her taking bath..HeHe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Payal, post: 1017

    Close on the heels of a pornographic video clip involving two school students, a two-and-a-half-minute video clip of Tamil and Telugu film actress Trisha Krishnan taking a shower in the nude is reportedly doing the rounds on the Internet.

    The actress has lodged a complained with the Chennai and also with Hyderabad police that e-mails with attachments of video clips allegedly showing her taking off her clothes and having a bath are criss-crossing the Internet.

    Trisha, who has also acted in a number of Tamil films but is famous for her role in the hit Telugu movie Varsham, said she had heard of the morphed version in Chennai. “I was shocked to see one such clipping at a friend’s house,” she said. “It appeared like a key-hole artist’s operation enhanced digitally.”

    The clip was allegedly available on a website but was withdrawn “after the furore”, a police source said.

    Asked if she suspected anyone, she said: “This is a scene from a bathroom. Everyone has to take a bath every day. With my shooting scheduled all over the country, I really do not recognise where it might have happened.”

    In her complaint to Hyderabad police, Trisha had, however, said the clip “closely resembled her” but was not her. She made the same point when she spoke to reporters. “It might resemble me, but it is not me. I have filed police complaints to ensure that such heinous and mentally sick acts are firmly contained,” she said.

    "Cyber crimes are increasing. The video is so sick. Since we are celebrities, such elements always try to target us," she claimed.

    Chennai police are looking into the complaint of the actress. Posting obscene mails and pictures on the web is an offence under the Cyber Crime Act.

    In a much publicized school episode in Delhi, two students filmed their sexual act through a camera phone and transmitted it by via MMS.

    This has led to the arrest of three people, including the boy, an IIT student who was allegedly selling the MMS clip and the auction portal CEO on which the clip was being sold on the Internet.

    So Wat.....

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    Come on guys this can not be real "Trisha nude"...........................she never will do this. Any way give the download link.

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    where can i download this one

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    how to download this one

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