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Thread: INDIAN Schoolgirls

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    LOL... I was referring to her was rather unpleasant...I was just letting out some frustration at the moment...I wasn't being serious about it at all..and it's not like I said the words out loud...that everyone in the store heard me..

    No, they aren't angels..please no one matter what they say..

    But just because they are taking so pictures, it still doesn't make them 'bad' girls

    As for sleeveless/backless..still can't really judge them especially we don't know what their religious backgrounds are and even if we did, still wouldn't be right. But if this is how you feel, then I am also a B, because of what I wear? Even though nothing that shouldn't be hanging out isn't?

    And are you talking about the kissing the guy on the cheeks picture... or the one with the girl in the guys arms? I don't see anything suggestive about those..I know of plenty of people who take such pictures..just for the fun of it..

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    hmm. k.. i dont wanna discuss it any more, app badi hain sahi hi keh raheen hongi, bhalay main abhi sonchun k main sahi hun.. faida nahi argue kerne ka. Sorry if i said something wrong..

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    Dude, I wasn't arguing..just wanting to understand your side of it

    Nor I did I say that what I said was right and you were wrong...I was simply replying to your I would if anyone had wrote the same thing..this is an open forum..

    BUT I really hate it when people say you're right and I'm wrong, but...and throw in the whole age thing...age has nothing to do with this...
    I just think of that as a cop offense to you, but in general

    It's called a discussion.. but if you want to leave's left alone...

    And, stop saying sorry... Just because I don't agree with what you say

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    I said sorry cuz of giving that fitting attendant example... and m saying that i m wrong and you r rite, cuz u r older than me, cuz hamesha esa hota hai, k main baat nahi maanta kisi baday ki apne app ko hi sahi kehta rehta hun. thatz y I lost HER. Her elder sis tried alot to put some sense in my bheja, lekin maine nahi maana, aur wahi hua jo unhon ne kaha tha. yea tou ek example thi, lekin esa bohat hua hai k baad main mujhe ehsaas hota hai k haan he/she was rite. So cuz i feel that u r rite too, aur i guess main bhi apni jaga kuch baaton main sahi hun. Tou maine is liye kaha k app sahi hi keh rahi hongi, badi hain, app ko ziada experience hai.

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    But that isn't always the case..elders aren't always right...

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    yep, i know, i told you I THINK U R RITE TOO.. tou mujhe laga kia pata baad main mujhe lagay k app ki kahi har baat sahi hai, phir bura lagta hai.

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    the girls look older than school age
    cudithar and jeans are the dresses not sarry
    u make me happy

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    I think it's some kind of school party.

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