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Thread: INDIAN Schoolgirls

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    i dont get da purpose ov this thread..
    what type ov replyz r u lookin for??

    PS: why wud nyone want to post someonez personal pix up on some random forumz and have ppl comment on them widout letting them know?:s

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    the girl in uniform is cute...seems its new year party.

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    lagta hai woh dikhaana chah rahe hain k wahan kitna khullam khulla mahaul hogaya

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    indian school girls in saree
    joke of the year
    looks like stills of a film
    u make me happy

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    the girls are pretty..
    but on a serious note i agree with sweet_a..

    how would you feel if those were daughters of yours and some man went around posting pictures of them

    and joke of the year? wtf..seriously one can tell it was some kind of celebration going on...

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    Ed baji i agree with sweet and u.. that its wrong to post someones personal pix.. but these girls dont care abt their IZZAT... kia unhein nahi pata tha k net pe esi pix phel sakhti hain. Plus these are not really PERSONAL PIX, they were infront of those hundreds of guys, posing In such behooda poses :$. They don't have any problem exposing their bodies. in short they are B*****. So ager koi shareef ladki ki chup chupa k ghalat pic capture ker k post ki hoti, tou main abh tak admin ka dimagh kha kha k us thread ko del kerwaa chuka hota [wesay bhi management achi hi hai, esa hota tou meray bolne se pehle del hochuka hota ].. but i dont care abt these girls. Ladkon ko tou dekhein they think they are kewl, bunch of monkeys, no no pervy monkeys.

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    ^^WOAH!!! Just because they are posing in front of guys..that doesn't make them a B...nor were these so-called poses sexual in any manner..they aren't suggesting anything in that manner..And exactly what are they exposing? Their backs? If you look at the pictures...their chest are covered I don't get the exposing part..

    As for personal pictures..clearly they were at a function..where they probably knew the even though it's in a public place...the pictures are still personal

    May be these pictures weren't meant for personal use, but I believe that any picture of anyone else should be treated as a personal picture

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    yep, maine kabh kaha k yea yahan rehni chahiye, i just said i dont care.. And yea m sorry, but if some fitting room attendant treats you badly, then she is a b****, but if girls are posing in pix like this, then they are not B*****, so wht will you call them angels? nevermind... App badi hain, app se argue nahi ker sakhta.. maybe you r rite, that i shud not call them B*****, but kuch achi bhi nahi hain.

    and yea, exposing... expose kerne main Islamic point of view se tou sleeveless pehenna bhi ghalat hai.. yea tou phir poori ki poori back hai.. Lekin phir baat yea bhi hai k yea muslims nahi.. Bus yehi waja hai k maine ussay expose kaha. Hamaray religion k nazarye se.

    Plus they're not just posing, doing lot more, which i dont wanna mention, you can see for ur self

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