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Thread: How to Make English Conversation if You Do Not Speak English Very Well

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    How to Make English Conversation if You Do Not Speak English Very Well

    Learning a new language can be a very difficult experience. Often, even years of study can leave you with good reading skills, but still uncomfortable with making conversation. Following a few steps can increase your confidence and open up the world of conversation in English.
    [edit] Steps

    1. Absorb a lot of English. Read books, websites, and magazines. Watch English-language television and movies. This will help you learn normal conversational English.
    2. Start simple. Speak to a friend or coworker. If you and your friends normally do not speak English, try speaking English for a day. Practicing in a supporting environment can build confidence for students of any language.
    3. Avoid confusing topics. Although you may have an incredible insight into religion or politics, such topics can make a conversation unpleasant.
    4. Ask questions. If you do not understand what the other person says, do not be afraid to ask.
    5. Practice often. The more you speak English, the more confortable you will become. Speak, read, and write English whenever you have the chance.
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    Totally agree.
    Going online to talk to people is a good way, just speak aloud what you're typing.

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    Thanks for the nice and simple tips dear =)

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    Useful for a person like me for sure !!

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    Indeed, for most of us I would say =)

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