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Thread: Celina is ready for pre-marital Sex!

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    They say, it always pays to be honest and if you're a firm believer of the old adage too, congratulations... you've successfully qualified as a probable suitor for the former Miss India Celina Jaitley.

    Describing her dream man, the former beauty queen says, "I will only marry someone who is completely honest with me. I am a very broad-minded woman and have no problems with any affairs in the past. However once we are husband and wife, I will expect 100 per cent fidelity. In case he strays, well, that's going to be the end of our marriage."

    But don't get overawed by her magnanimity so soon. The pretty lady herself had a bumpy love ride and at least two heartbreaks a la Sanjay Narang and Dubai-based Swiss businessman Alex.

    And if these futile details don't bother you, you're in for a great surprise. Celina, for a new-age woman she is, doesn't mind pre-marital sex at all.

    According to her: "I believe in sex before marriage, where both partners have to be honest to each other. I attach a lot of importance to sexual relations between husband and wife and without faith it will cease to exist. For me a successful marriage is one where the partners share trust, concern and a healthy sex life."

    Her inspiration? Ajanta and Ellora... what else?

    "What our ancestors thought and felt about sex has been so beautifully captured in these paintings and sculptures. Perhaps these ancient people understood the importance of sex in marriage far better than we do. Modern couples have a thing or two to learn from about marital bliss from these works of art," she tells.

    So, now when you know the way to Celina's heart, hurry up before she changes her mind like a true beauty queen.

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    Is that supposed to excite the boys
    or scare them?

    Considering her wooden no-expression face in Janasheen and "Khel"...............

    God help all men !

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    lol, you've got a quaint sense of humor snaz :lol:

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