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Thread: THE last time you...

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    Just a few moments ago..but it really wasn't was the freaking thunder for giving me a heart attack!!!

    But I'm sure I cursed someone out today too

    When as the last time you broke the law???

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    itz somethin TOTALLY embarrassing
    so i dont think i shud say it:think2;

    wen was da last time u hit on someone???:sad2:

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    Ionno probably about a month or so ago...but I think it was the happiness/drinks inside of me talking???

    but I do need to work on getting my flirty skills back...they've gotten horrible!!!

    When was the last time you sneaked into the movies?

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    it waz accidently...1 yr ago..
    when waz the last time you ate fish

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    NEVER!! I do not eat something that swims or has once swam!!!

    When was the last time you used a payphone?

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    wen i was proly FIVE and someone musta put it in my mouth...widout TELLING me wat it WASSS:sad2:

    wen was the last time you trick or treating???:wink:

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    lemi answer dis one now
    last week!!!
    and itz annoying!!!

    wen was da last time u listened to some cheezy bollywood music wid yo sound blastin...and ppl giving u weird lookz???

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    Ohh..every time I'm in my car!!! But I just turn it on louder..
    it's much better than that Halle Barry or You're a Jerk song..though I'm known to rock that tooo
    when was the last time you slept under the sky

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    When is the last time u gave some food to poor?

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    two dayz ago
    dont ask me why

    when was the last time u made someone CRY???:s

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