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Thread: THE last time you...

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    pretty easy to figure out i think. answer the question above you and then ask a question yourself. the question must contain "when was the last time you..."

    i'll start

    when was the last time you slapped someone??artytime:

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    my student...Aqib...he waz the student who liked taking panga with me by giving opp answers...
    when waz the last time you insulted someone?

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    aahh...u can SLAP STUDENTZ???
    r u in pak???

    oh well...this stupid ugly chick @ sephora :beatup;

    when was the last time u danced in da rain???:wink:

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    yes..i can slap them if they are not in control of their minds :bg:


    the last time when rain came...and i danced with the song in the mind ...barso re megha megha barso re megha...

    when waz the last time you danced in rain?

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    da last time it rained
    but i did get LEATHER ke chappalz thrown at me frm mama jaani
    so maza dobala ho gaya:disguise2:

    wen was the last time u ate something disgusting???:mocking;

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    in a restaurant in waz rasmalai...where milk is khatta...and it felt like vomiting...

    when waz the last time you felt motivated and on what?

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    the last time i felt motivated...was last lose an inch around my freakin hipz:disguise2:

    when was the last time you swore at someone???:whistle;

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    i didnot understand the question...

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    when was the last time u cussed at someone?? :s

    PS: dont kill me

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    i dont remember as i never did...
    same question...

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