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Thread: Ramadan menu within 30 min

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    In this topic we will share sweets,beverages,snacks and many more that can be made within 30 min. If u have any do share it with ur tips and advice on the other dishes posted

    post 1
    Chicken Pakorey
    Cold Coffee
    Fruit LAssi
    Chicken Nuggets
    post 12
    Fish Kebab
    lucknawi Dal
    Lubnani kebab
    part 15
    post 17
    Besan k Dahi Baray
    Chicken curry
    post 26
    Bread Rolls
    Tomato Chutney
    Sweet Rice
    Grilled Salmon
    Fried Rice with peas.
    post 28
    Instant Kulfi
    MAngo Falooda
    post 29
    Almond Milk
    suji ki kheer
    French Fries chilli
    post 30
    khatte Noodles
    potato and peanut snack
    ribbon sandwiches
    post 31
    cheese cake
    Baked PAsta
    suji ki kheer
    post 32
    Naan Khatai
    Fruit yoghurt
    fish and potato cutlets
    post 33
    chicken balls
    mutter pakora
    shahi tukray
    fruit cake teal
    post 34/35/36/37
    mixed fruit shake recipe
    potato garlic sauce
    chicken karahi
    besan k pakoray
    potato bites
    Chilled Banana Custard
    chicken cutlets
    chocolate milk shake
    Tortilla de patatas
    chicken pakora
    simple pakora
    cocktail pakora
    prawn pakora
    cheesy rice pakora
    post 38/39
    hari chutney
    phodine ki chutney
    Hyderabad dahi ki chutney
    boondi raita
    bhagara dahi
    onion and garlic chutney
    imli aur gur ki chutney
    Club sandwich
    Egg tikka
    post 40
    crispy Chicken
    Vegetable Fried Rice
    chicken Bihari Kebab
    KFC zinger Burger

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    Chicken pakorey...

    325 gm boneless chicken pieces
    1 cup paani
    1 medium pyaaz(onion)
    2-3 cloves garlic
    1-2 green chilies
    Handful of dhuniya leaves
    125 gm basin flour
    1 tsp. dhuniya powder
    1 tsp. ground zeera
    ˝ tsp. garam masala
    ˝ tsp. chili powder
    1 tsp. salt or according to taste
    1 pinch soda bicarbonate
    Oil fry kane ke lea..
    Pyaaz, garlic, green chilies aur dhanya ko half cup paani me blender me blend kar de aur us ka paste bana de...
    aik bowl me besen , dhuniya ka powder, zeera, garam masala, chili powder, salt aur soda.
    ab is ke ander blend kia hoa mixture aur baake paani daal kar thick paste bana le.
    ab is ke ander chicken pieces daal de taake sahe se mixture uper lag jae...
    Oil me fry kar le jab tak golden brown na ho jae... ketchup ya mint chutney ke saath peesh kare...

    Cold Coffe...
    1 cup milk
    1 tablespoon coffee
    1/2 cups chocolate
    icecream..few scoop
    for garnish: strawberries
    1. Combine milk and coffee beverage mix in
    blender, blend until dissolved. put in cups...
    2. Add ice cream (u can also blend icecream in milk and coffee...but i prefer to add icecream afterwards)
    3. Garnish with grated chocolate and strawberries (optional)

    Fruit lassi...
    Yogurt 1 cup
    1 Cup soft fruit finely chopped mango or banana
    Honey 2 tsp
    1 Litre water
    Juice of 1 lemon
    Blend the yogurt and mix in all the ingredients thoroughly. Serve chilled.

    chicken nuggets

    chicken pieces in cubes 1/2 k
    corn flour 2 tbsp
    bread crumbs 1 tbsp
    oil according to the need
    maida 1/2 cup
    white pepper 1 tbsp
    egg 2
    salt on taste
    Add all the ingredients in the chicken except breadcrumbs
    and marinate for half an hour. then heat the oil in pan and when hot. take the marinated chicken
    put bread crumbs on its both sides and fry it.when golden brown take it out and put on the newspaper or any
    kitchen towel. and serve it with tomato ketchup. or chilly ketchup.
    note: if u want the nuggets to be crispy then before putting it in hot oil first add it to the mixture of (pinch of salt+ egg)
    and then to breadcrumbs. it really becomes crispy. i use this way to fry.

    will add more laters..inshaAllah

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    Jazak Allah alf khair

    Welcome to DesiTwist

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    :bigthumb; Good job Rahen. Aaj kal subko in quick recipe ki hi zarorat hai I am waiting for more sis :giveflower;

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    zabar dast hein yaar ab bana ke bhaij doo plz

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    lets make it 50-50 - recipes me deti hoon aur bana kar aap bhejo

    welcome both and inshaAllah i will sis

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    mouth watering reciepe's thank u for sharing Rahen good effort

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    Chalo theek hai sis..phir jesi bhi banni khani paregi aapko :bg:

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    lolz Aisha Baji

    Nice recipes Aapi jaan
    Get off my back

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