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Thread: A perfect friend

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    You have known me in
    Good and bad times ,
    You have seen me
    When i was happy and when i was sad,
    You have watched me laugh and cry,
    Thank you for believing in me,
    For supporting me ,
    And for always being there ,
    Thank you for being

    ... ... ... ...

    If you ask me for how long
    Will i be your friend?
    Then my answer will be "i don't know".
    B'coz i really don't know
    Whiich is longer forever or always.

    ... ... ... ...

    There's none more perfect than a friend.
    A friend whose smile and thoughtful ways,
    Add happiness to everyday;
    A friend who cheers and comforts me,
    And i have found that kind of friend in you!

    ... ... ... ...

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    hmm acha hain yeah friend
    If Allah is with you, whom do you have to fear?
    If Allah is against you, what hope do you have?

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    i am looking for one for the past 50 years
    nice one huss
    u make me happy

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    Good one!!!
    and i looking for the the past 300 sec.

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    thanks girl

    that was so sweet

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    Good job guys!
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    good thought, but some lines does not flow well...the second one in last stanz for instance. i loved this one 'B'coz i really don't know Which ONE is longer, forever or always...nice thought indeed. well, always could be used to present earthly feelings, and forever could sound eternal. buts again, the same meaning, depends how/where you use it!

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    Nice - good ones =)

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    I strongly agree with you. As the thing is that every one should believe in true friendship and true love as I think. The other thing is that I really like your this of the idea to share this here with us.

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