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Thread: Ramadan Diaries 2009/1430- As you experience

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    Ramadan 2009

    Welcome everyone to Ramadan Kareem 2009, This is a place where we all gather every ramadan to share our ramadan experiences and views. Everyone from all over the world, from all faiths can come and learn about the holy month of Ramadan. Hope to see people from everywhere come together in peace and learn from each other at the "DesiTwist".

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    Great concept Rahen, InshAllah we'll be sharing our thoughts and routine here all together Thanks friend. Looking forward to see all our DT friends here.

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    thanks Rahen for the good idea

    I found some nice pics about ramadan lanterns

    I would like to share you with

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    Khair Mubarak ..
    em wishing You GUYS ramadan Mubarak as well May ALLAH bless us n give us the strength to fast every day in this HOLY MONTH OF RAMAZAN..
    n thnks lost girl dey are really awesome pics
    I Was Born Genius, Education Ruined Me !

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    no doubt those are beautiful images ...keep it up..btw welcome to desitwist unpredictable.

    lost there any concept of making tents there in Saudi Arabia for giving iftar to the needy ppl.?

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    long time no posting in this thread...

    May ALLAH forgive our mistakes...and accept our fasts...

    During Ramadan...i lost the will of eating a lot...duno why...but yes i did gain the will to do ibadah a lot...spend my time a lot on the shape of tasbeeh...heard many doing ietkaaf in the last 10 days of ramadan...and some praying in the odd numbers like 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, for laila tul qadr...
    i have taken over a new hobby of playing fish world in facebook...this is something i should have never done in this month...but i did..cause i loved to take care of fishes..although its just a game...
    in emirates...whole routine of ramadan changes for better...having different timings and schedules...even schools are reopening after eid...
    H1N1 cases have been found and deaths heard...may ALLAH bless them peace...
    i really love how matter arabs or expats try to give and give as much as they can in sounds so awesome..i wish this goes on every weeked...this helps those in need or in financial crisis...

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