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Thread: First Thought of Ramadan

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    Assalam aleikum,
    How are you all doing? wish you all a happy Ramadan :givefl;
    What comes to your mind when you think of Ramadan is tomorrow...
    in majority of the cases people think of fasting...some think of the prayers and some think of leaving things that can break fast..etc...
    what do you first think of when ramadan comes to your mind?

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    HI rahen , m very excited , i love fasting and also prayers m & specially reciting the "HOLLY QURAN" in RAMZAN...

    What about you , whats in your mind ...


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    wasalam rahen,
    the first thing that comes to my mind is the changed routine and the happiness around the house It feels so good.

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    ahan...good wish you both best with ramadan.
    the first thought that came to my mind waz planning...related to routine of my house work and studies and making time allocated for my recitation..

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    JazakAllah rahen, you are studying or working? :s

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    i m studing at the jobless at the moment.

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    Rahen do anything , for that best of luk, doing planing is great but yaha kuch hy hi bahe jo plan kya is running so fast, days,months,years..and things...

    takre care

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    oh acha, Good Luck for everything rahen

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    thanks tulip... mehsoos hota hai k jaldi guzar rahi hai...lekin hain tau wohi 24 hrs...nothing changed..i dunno what makes us feel that life is going it the sign of day of judgement...or the barkat in life has been taken away...

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