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Thread: What are you making for Sehar/aftar today?

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    well aaaj i had 2 parathas wid 2 half friies and a mug f tea...

    and shama ko yummmm.. m gonnna make Pakkoras i guess. some kababs and.. bbaqi to normak fruits and all :P

    i love making pakoras and samosas also. and trust me.. ppl love it

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    HI , Waisy Dal koi bhi ho With Paratha maza ata hy app kisi bhi dal ky sath try kr skty ho , also yougrt is best for sehri , today mai Paratha & yougrt ky sth sehri krny wala hu ..

    Now i avoid eggs in sehri..

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    We had Dahi bhalley and sheer khurma at aftar yesterday and had chicken and sada roti with chai in the sehri today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zing, post: 386590
    i love making pakoras and samosas also. and trust me.. ppl love it
    Wow so you cook too? that's great zing. Wish i could taste those samosas and see if they really are yummy!

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    Any one who is away from family uss ko coocking krna khud hi ah jati hy , kehty hain na , jub sir py parti hy tu sub kam ah jata y , kyu zing...

    sehri light with parathas and some dahi , tea...

    iftar main . apples , bananas, and meeti lussi

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    hehe yawar aap ki baat sahi hey magar mera case totally opposite hey
    hehe ek dam reverse main

    whn i was home. i used to do a lot f cooking stuff and that time i was .. kind f good at many thngs

    but ehn i moved to hostel.. den dubai.. :P never tried.. xpt on some Funny weekends where few friends also try their skills.. no mattr kitny hospitallponch jaty hen wo sab kha ke :P

    Tulip.. hehe sure u can come across anytime.. whnever u visit dubai.. do lemme know :P
    warn akisi din Beach BBQ ki jaga Beach Pakora and Samosa gathering kar lety hen :P
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    hota hy , waisy apna paka hua mujhy bohat acha lagta hy , try try and then perfect cocking thats the funda..

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    that's great boys.
    I had chicken karhayi with roti and chai in sehri today.
    And for iftar I am thinking of making custard and jelly + fruits.

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    Today i woke up very late for the sehri. My mother was shouting to me to wake up. but i was so sleepy. and when i woke up from my sleep everybody had eaten their sehri. :frown: I was all alone Just me Makhan (butter) and paratha.:lonelys;

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    Ohhh I love this topic!

    mujhe khane ke baare main baat karna bohut shoq hai! aur khane mein sab se ziada shoq :-P

    Kal raat ko maine chicken samose aur chicken shami kebabs kaye. Mmmm mint chutney ke saath! Bohut niiice tha!

    Ab sehri ke liye main soch rahi hoon main kya kaoon parathe ke saath... chicken salan to hai lekin mujhe fried ande achaar ke saat bara maza aata hai!

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    shami kabab with mint chutney...sounds yumy to me too...
    achar tau mera bhi fav hai...i love chilli and garlic achar...woh bhi sirf pk ka...
    sehri mein me ne lassi piya tha...aur iftari mein mein abhi ziada tar fruits khati hoon...

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