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Thread: What are you making for Sehar/aftar today?

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    Asalam_0_Alaikum guys
    Why dun we share here what we made or ate everyday for sehar and aftar.

    I am making Roasted mutton and fruit chat in aftar today, what about you all?

    PS. rahen, i dun know which section was most appropriate for this topic, recipe section, teen talks or this. So you can move it to anywhere if you want to

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    hmm...take this as the right section..nice thread also..
    today for sehri we had lassi with roti...and milk added multivitamins...and juice...
    for iftari we made...chicken biryani with salad and chutney, two juices , daal ka salan, roti , caramel , pakora, and meethay pakoray...mashaALLAH..
    i didnot make it all...i only made biryani, caramel and daal ka salan...

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    wow that's a lot MashAllah
    We'll make mutton biryani in dinner tonight, inshAllah.

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    do you cook the main meal after iftari...

    i didnot had anything for sehri today...and for iftari i made pea plau, daal ka salan, my family made chicken and veg soup, roti, pakora, juices, fried brinjal and potato. and we bought harees and dahi baray.

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    wow you seem to have a big family (mashAllah)
    no rahen, i do all my cooking before aftar.

    I had bread and milk for sehri yesterday and made fruit chat, sharbat, samosa, pakoras for aftar.

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    yeah shukar al hamdALLAH..we are a big family...and all ladies love cooking & eating good in Ramadan..
    today i waz v.tired so i made only green dal family made coleslaw, chicken salan, custard, salad, juices.

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    for sehri i had lassi
    for iftar...will think of it laters.

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    i only had 3 2 double slices and jam for sehri ;cry

    and sham ko.. hmm hmm dekhen gey :P
    m ???g ? ? h? ??t ???w?g ?ht ll ??d
    t ? v ??dd ??ll?w ? }{?? ?d b?d?? m M?d
    ?d !f ?h? ? ?? ???w ?ht t ??t ? ?v m ll ?d
    ?t ? tt? ?v ??vd ?d ???t th? ??t ?v t ll ? th M????g
    ? m ?k ? ml ?? Mb ? ? t ???t ? h?? ?f M ?t
    M?t ???db ...

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    you are having a good diet...

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    yaa ab yehi kaha jaa sakta hey. ke YES I M ON DIET ;cry1
    m ???g ? ? h? ??t ???w?g ?ht ll ??d
    t ? v ??dd ??ll?w ? }{?? ?d b?d?? m M?d
    ?d !f ?h? ? ?? ???w ?ht t ??t ? ?v m ll ?d
    ?t ? tt? ?v ??vd ?d ???t th? ??t ?v t ll ? th M????g
    ? m ?k ? ml ?? Mb ? ? t ???t ? h?? ?f M ?t
    M?t ???db ...

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