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Thread: What are you making for Sehar/aftar today?

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    MashAllah, another year with another month of blessing is here.

    I had aaloo paratha in sehri with a glass of water today.

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    i had fruit chaat with a glass of milk in seheri

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    wish you Rahen and your family a very happy Ramadan from both of us

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    Had fruit chat, samosas and pakora with Jam-e-Shireen in aftaar yesterday. And in Sehri I had 2 slices of bread and a glass of milk.

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    today i had nothing sehri...but in aftar i had milk jamesheree , fruit salad, pakora and biryani

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    That's nice. We had haleem in aftar today =)

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    We are making egg rolls for iftar today.

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