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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    Thinking that how did i managed to have 2 different trips (one official & one with friends) in three consecutive days, with two sleepless nights and still enjoyed every moment.

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    Thinking how hours turn into days and days in to months and months in to years , there is something happens in 1999 anf then all of a sudden 2007 then something happens and then again more 2 years passed , how fast they are , all the memories still seems its like day before yesterday happen...

    Immaging the next 20 year how fast they should be..

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    We probably could have kept going all night long ...if we had more of the green stuff and the red stuff... Ooh man we went those two bottles a little too quickly between the six of us..I walked in to her apartment and the next thing I know it's all gone...OOOPSS

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    i am sixtey
    all the past seems a dream
    future ???
    u make me happy

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    it happens my friend

    Thinking to have some dinner... and take a deep long sleep today because weakend...

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    I cannot believe that the car has been totalled off...I don't know what we are going to do or how much longer I can go without a car...But I don't want to get the rental till I really know I will be needing it, since I only get a month with the rental...AHHH

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    What i am thinking... nothing and everything.. that's what i do most of the time now.

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    Well m thinking to do something

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    why no young girls are loving me
    life without love
    u make me happy

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    Still u are asking why ?

    Have to cook something today , i m free , sitting infront of Tv & laptop , No as such thinking today...

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