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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    to do some excecise or just sit in front of computer
    kamal i am prepared to spend for a young girls love
    u make me happy

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    thinking if dsjeya really needs a doc now..

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    I really need something good to come through. The car/job situation is just eating away at me.

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    tulip friend can u recomend one doctor preferably young beautiful lady doctor
    u make me happy

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    i'm thinking:
    1) why did she not reply to my text messages?
    2) I hope she's not sick, really upset or worried.
    3) she probably doesn't like me anymore.
    4) i have yet to pray and its bed to go.
    take life as it comes

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    we r going on a pilgrimage to vaisnadevi temple in kasmir in april
    we have climb 12 kms in mountain road
    will i make it ?
    don't laugh
    deep inside i am a religious person
    u make me happy

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    i m thinking to say just hi, one more month new to end...huuu wao no sms no miscall just blank nothing...

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    to complete my pm sent to my beloved frnd

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    when are we going to see rahen back like before :s

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