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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    Thinking hard about making the right decision..i have lost the sense of right and wrong

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    Todya i was shocked when i listen from one of my old neighbours two brothers they are from India , before sometimes younger brother left KSA and went back to his country & half
    month befor i saw his elder brother who is here and i ask him about his brother he said he is fine .. but today atleast one month after i again saw the elder brother & again i asked him about his younger brother , i can't believe what he say ,U know what he replies ..

    He said that he is died.. i listen this and suddenly i was shocked and i asked him why are you joking is it really true , his behaviour is just normal he again replies he is died by a "heart attack" one monthe before...

    when he left and i was standing there some more time and just thinking about his sudden death in the age of hardly i think 36+..

    Now after 4 hours i am still in shock and thinking about him..


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    light kab ayegi... :@

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    Work should be interesting 2moro--oh god...I hope it is..Full of laughs and fun :]

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    i m thinking something else but now reading after EntangleDesi post thinking about work 2moro also hoping for intersesting as im thinking preety much easy...

    h everyone today a nice friday ending..lot of rest & sleep...

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    Dammit it's Monday=back to work..BOOO

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    Trip to Turkey & Greece sounds amazing...!! It's been officially added to the bucket list :]

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    To the crew @ Jimmy Johns: You're an entertaining group to listen to/watch - you really are. But must you stare me down and try to check me out while I'm trying to have lunch? I must say, though, your sandwich certainly makes the walk from work to your place and back certainly worthwhile. You are better than the person in the who stopped in the middle of the street to attempt talking to me and my work buddy.

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    Hold up! Isn't that the top that I let you borrow on a trip three to four years ago? I'm not ever getting it back am I? Ehh, keep it. Not like it's going to fit now anyways. But it would of been nice to off at least worn it once. Thanks :]

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