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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    i am thinking what is in store for me today
    from angry desis
    u make me happy

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    DSjeya , how are u , atlesat they love u , thats y they are angry on u ...keep this in mind

    i m thinking that why i feel soo happy to talk someone ... and i feel some new energy every time i talk with that person , is it called ...L... i m believing now that person ..L... me now or showing interest ... its pleasent for me...


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    ^that same feeling comes across me to when I talk to a certain someone..*sigh*

    ...I wish that the place was closer...and not an hour away..but still I hope it comes through..from what I've been told it would be helpful once I'm finished with school and as a resume booster.. He did mention that they would work around my schedule and also let me work on my classes while that's good..

    Just need to be prepared for next tuesday now..

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    ahaaa , i m thinking That DT's are bussy ?

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    dil sy dill ko rah hoti hy yar
    main bhi souch raha tha keh ab soo jaoo
    kal sy jag raha hu sara din aur sari rat jag ky hi guzra
    ab thoda sa soo laita huu..

    SEE YA


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    right now

    watching Pakistan vs India match

    score is 57/2 in 12.5 overs

    u can watch it now on my blog


    Thanks MYK

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    At this rate I could be finished with the class by the end of this week, if only I could download the files I need to complete the assignments or if they hurry up and send me a copy of the files

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    Thinking that what i m doing here , and what kind of life it is , whats the future...what is life ?

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    thinking keh why i not go for sleep its only 1 hour remaining for wakeup...

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