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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EntangleDesi, post: 388330
    Where in the world did he pop up from? Every time I tell myself I'm just going to forget about him and of course I'm not around when he does..Story of My Life
    :euro::'(:think;Aha the reality of life , every1 have a story , some people are lucky and some are unlucky...So be brave , face the reality , and take a chill is very short , we dont have to worry about our past , live in today & also thinking for tomorrow is not bad,just forget the past..

    Take Care

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    ^^LOL I don't need a chill pill. I'm perfectly chill :P

    It's the good kind of popping up. I just wished he did it more often, so I wouldn't need to forget about him...I've accepted it from day one that the chances of something happening are slim to none, but it's still worth a shot :]

    ..Shoot I've got a lot of reading done today...GO me!!!I hope this doesn't mean I won't be inspired to read some more tomorrow :O Since that is what usually happens.. Please no procrastinating tomorrow

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    Aww she's absolutely stunning and those pictures were a-mazing! Very creative too, on the photographers part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawarkamal, post: 388352
    oho thats gr8 , looking fro the job , in which field ? R u looking for teaching job ? i wish i wish after ramzan app ka kam ban jae..AMEEN
    suma ameen...yeah kind of..but also in finance and HR department.

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    wao gr8 , finance & hr very good salery pakage...Allah khair kry ga...

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    education bhi tau itni hai na...

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    kitni ? Whats the plan for eid , I want Kheer & siwiya from all DT sisos...:boxing:

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    1. Do you have a life? Because you sure talk a lot of nonsense
    2. Can you go get one, if you don't already have one?
    3. Can it be a productive one at that too, one that involves using whatever little brain that you have towards something useful?

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    why should not we give some rest to our brains in our vecations ?

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