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Thread: What R U Thinking Right Now ?

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    Hello Pyary Pyary , Sweet Sweet DT MEMBERS ..

    Chalain ab jaldi sy bataee keh app iss waqt kya souch rahay hain ?

    COME ON COME ON TELL US HUU :thinking;
    I m thinking keh app log iss game ko play kroo gy ya nahi:thinking;

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    I m thinking that is people here on DesiTwist ever think about somthing ?

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    if there is ur privacy and u dont wana tell what u r thinking now , its ok

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    I am thinking about th aftar time as I am very thirsty :$

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    i thinking for sleep again

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    Thinking about my husband :heart;

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    ^^ aawwww

    me? uummm:s
    thinkin of goin to sleep??
    ok this is corny
    thinkin of giving someone some random and ANNOYING missbells =p
    uuhhhh...thinking of drinking some water???
    anddd...wat happened to my hair??:s
    aannndddd...why am i wearing different color nailpolishes? :s
    aaannndddd...gota clean my keyboard!!! =D
    aannddd...ipodz out of battery =(
    aannddd...why is my pc so slow? =(
    aannddd...i dont wana sleep =(
    ok i gota stop now!!

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    Whenever I come to this thread my Mind gets totally blank. I actually try to think that what I'm thinking right now.

    Weird naa. :-)

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    You can accomplish your goal of how much reading you want to get done today... Perhaps even more..YES!!

    And Kayne is the one of the biggest douche bags ever...He has no sportsmanship or respect...And there is no way anyone is going to be able to out do Pink's performance at the VMAs..not for a while at least...

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