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Thread: Ramadan and Itikaaf

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    Assalam aleikum,
    I hope everyone's fast is going on well...The last ten days of ramadan have approached..and according to sunnah i planned to do ietkaaf...but i cant do that in home...i have to do in per ahadith..that says that when Ayisha RA asked for permission on ietkaaf ...our Prophet (PBUH) allowed them and they did near masjid by placing khaimah..if it would have been at home..then our Prophet (PBUH) must have said them...
    the question is...
    " Has anyone of you ever done ietkaaf, and what did you pray and spend your days..."
    you can even tell us abt someone of your known frnd who sits on itikaaf ... and what do they prepare..whats allowed and not allowed...
    we can discuss that all here...

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    Walekum asalam rahen
    I didn't knew k masjid k illawa ghar pe baithne ki permission nai hoti..that's something new for me. Meri family mein kafi youngsters baithte hein kafi salon se. I just know k wo khatam poori kartey hein, namazen extra bhi aur nawafil kafi perhtey hain, I'll ask them and let you know exactly what they recite Rahen

    PS. nice topic sis.

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    One of my friends sat for Itikaaf about 3 years back. and i used to visit him during prayer times. He told me that during Itikaaf he red Qur'an with it's meanings so he can better understand the Qur'an and also when in Itikaaf you can give your full concentration toward the Ibada because inthe solitude of your tent there is no one to disturb you. He also used to perform alots of Nawafils and Tahajud Prayers. He used to tasbeeh alot. Red tafseer of few parah's also.

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    i have also heard many ladies doing itikaaf at home..but i duno if it is an innovation or as per hadith or imam in saudi have any acceptance to this...

    shoaib..thats really nice to know...we can also learn quran surah and kalimah...for more benefits in future...

    anyone do me a favor...can anyone from saudi arabia..ask imam ...if doing itikaaf at home for ladies a part of islamic teachings?

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    I would also like to know that Rahen.
    Between are you asking about istekhara or Aitekaaf?

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    sorry my has to be itikaaf..i will correct

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