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Thread: When I don't understand

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    Lord, when I don't understand
    Why things happen as they do,
    Give me the peace and serenity
    That come only from you.

    When my soul is filled
    With darkness and night,
    Help me turn to the place
    Where I last saw the light.

    When I don't understand
    Why sickness comes my way,
    Or why I feel so overwhelmed
    And find it hard to even pray,

    When I do the right things
    But troubles come my way,
    When tempted to murmur
    And question all that you say

    Then, Lord, this is the time
    When I need you the most;
    Don't let me lose my faith in you,
    My Saviour--the Lord of Host.

    Help me to cope and hang on
    That I may truly grasp your role--
    A sovereign God who knows
    And does what best for all.

    Surround me with your presence
    Let me feel your warm embrace
    That I in turn may comfort those
    Who hurt and in need of grace.

    Give me tender words to comfort,
    Words to dry the falling tears,
    Words to heal the troubled souls,
    And drive away their fears.

    Oh, that blessed land of Canaan,
    Can't wait to reach that golden shore
    Where I'd hear His sweet voice tell me:
    There's nothing here that would annoy.

    Oh, what a glorious day indeed it'd be
    When SIN is removed from the universe;
    It's the cause of all the sorrow, the sickness,
    The pain, the crime, and all that's perverse.

    With rejoicing I'll sit at my Lord's feet
    And He will then make everything plain--
    The things I don't understand.

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    I don't understand
    Why the world is round
    Why sin was created
    Why people are hateful

    But most of all I don't understand
    Why animals are abused
    Why abortion was created
    Why love sometimes hurt

    I do understand
    Why people cry
    Why you have one life
    Why family is important

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    thanx william =)

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    nice post tulp friend
    i had a long life
    had ups and downs
    abuses and praise
    sickness and health
    wealth and misery
    yet i thank God
    for the blessings
    some i don't deserve
    u make me happy

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    yes right dsjeya, we all go through ups and downs in life but we should be thankful for what we have.

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    good one keep it up

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