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Thread: Urgent attention moderator's

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    Please remove the indecent photos from the co-education thread in Freedom castle, and ban the user!!

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    Shaikhu just a little thing that might help. They right way for pointing out a post is to report it by pressing the little red flag button present on the side. I went to the topic after reading your post here and did the same. And Rahen came immediately. This way they know about the specific post we are talking about and get the message soon too.

    If you were unaware of this option then now try doing this in future

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    Ya Tulip indeed I was unaware, so Thanks a lot... n thank u Rahen!!!

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    most welcome..
    oh wait wait...some misunderstanding is here...i saw wicked's thread and then went to delete...well i think it doesnot matter as i see both the sections...
    report in red flag is a good well as rep in REP ...

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    I am taking action.

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    Once again action needed. In freedom castle, under the thread co-education

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    So have you reported the post this time shaikhu?

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