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Thread: Does Anyone Not Drink?

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    i dont drink too though i stay in USA and work there too.It is a matter of personal choice.nobody can force you to act against your will and i am a strong believer of that.

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    i'd always **** anjali mary pothen.

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    Nobody can pressure for me. I know its disadvantages for the health. I drink but not for enjoyment but as medicine. Due to the stone problem I have take the some level of the alcohol in a month otherwise it is painful to me.

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    Even me dude...
    Yuk I hate alcohol..
    (I say this to myself to avoid it )

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    I don't drink either . .not much to bother about

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    Hi Gytha, I am also not drinking. We all know it's bad habit. If we will try it for one's than it gonna be habit for us. My friends are drinking but if they are going for drinking than i am not going. Why can't we have Fruit Juice or Milk shakes instead of drinking. They will very beneficial to our health.

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