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Thread: Snowfalls In!!!

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    It's for you i live...

    I know where I belong to when I feel your smile
    Above alluring calls of those festooned avenues

    Where it rains often soothing exhausted stares,
    Offering a green cover above wounds of living.
    Where the skies remain silent hearing to chants,
    Elements find harmony and resonate holy words.

    I know where I belong to while dreams absorb-
    A day's misery, destined moments of separation

    In white castles of silence where pearls are born
    Out of tears of love preserved with selfless wish.
    Where the breeze is perfumed with sandal paste
    Where earthen lamps shower his peaceful smiles

    I know where I belong to when I realize deserts
    Of veiled thirst amidst these skyscrapers of fame

    Where it's heard often, those songs of true love
    Ageless epics of truth, fostering innocent dreams
    Where life is an eternal journey along the shores
    Of those sacred rivers promising tranquil depths

    I know where I belong to while I accept the end
    Of my solitary search, finding your earthly grace

    My search found its end in your loving presence
    Dissolving my pains in soulful smiles of devotion
    For you I live, in fragrant airs where you breathe
    And in those shades you often bestow with love

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    nice one .thanks

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