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Thread: An interview with Entangle Desi

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    Good read ED, waiting for more of your answers

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    hm nice

    here r mine.. a few :P

    1- If we were to ask your friends to describe you, what would they say?

    2-To whom you share your secrets?

    3- Let us know your view about friendship?

    4- Your inspiration?

    5- What are your strengths & weaknesses?

    6- How would you like to spend your vacations?

    7- Are you a person who likes to Try new things Or Stay with regular routines? Give an example.

    8- What are your Top Three favourite Books or If you were on Desert, which three books do you want to have?

    9- Why did you choose this nick & Avatar?

    10- Explain yourself in five words?

    m ???g ? ? h? ??t ???w?g ?ht ll ??d
    t ? v ??dd ??ll?w ? }{?? ?d b?d?? m M?d
    ?d !f ?h? ? ?? ???w ?ht t ??t ? ?v m ll ?d
    ?t ? tt? ?v ??vd ?d ???t th? ??t ?v t ll ? th M????g
    ? m ?k ? ml ?? Mb ? ? t ???t ? h?? ?f M ?t
    M?t ???db ...

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    wow was fun reading!! =D
    and i really like zing's questions!!!
    answer em when you get some time

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    Ya waiting to read more. Hurry up ED!

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    kahan ho mishal...

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    I'm really sorry guys..been busy with school and then on top of that was in an accident so been dealing with that also. I've already started answering I should be able to finish up between Monday and Tuesday.

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    accident... plz elaborate.

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    Car accident...The car lost control. Was raining, so the roads were wet. The car started swerving so I tried to correct the car but ended up over correcting so I ended up hitting the concrete wall and the railing on the opposite side of the road.

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    I hope it didn't hurt u much...

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    Nah..I walked out perfectly scratches, no bruises, no nothing. The car not so much...It got smashed twice.

    I think that I just must be really lucky..In all my major accidents I always walk out with no injuries.

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