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Thread: An interview with Entangle Desi

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    ACCIDENT'S? seems it happens wid u quite often, u must b careful while driving!

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    SO this prompts me to ask a question... another addition to the list u have to answer

    While driving you are? ( like thinking, concentrating on driving etc)

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    I've had my share of three to four major accidents.

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    Sorry for taking so long to get these questions answered, been a crazy week/weekend and Iím still recovering from the weekend..Iím only partially functioning at this time.

    11) Introduce yourself? how would you do that when in interview?
    The one thing I hate doing the most Ė Introducing myself. [And I cannot concentrate long enough to answer this question at this point]
    In an interview I would come in and look my interviewer directly in the eye and shake their hand and then go on to introduce myself with my name..and then go on to tell them my accomplishements and goals.
    12) Your 3 Biggest Fear?
    Not being able to make something of myself/ letting down myself and my family.
    Public Speaking
    Losing a loved one
    13) Settle with a career?? in which field?
    I wouldnít necessarily want to just settle with just any career, because I know that would drive me crazy. Iíd never be happy. Iíd like to have a career in some sort of field that would let me control how and when I work and something that is creative. Iím just not sure what that career is yet.
    14) Good advise for them who are suffering from tension or depression?
    I would definitely advice them to not rely on medications. From experience I have learnt that the drugs are only a temporary fix. Until they take themselves out of the situation that is causing them to suffer they will never be able to fully recover from the tension or depression. And as hard as it is they should not take pity on themselves Ė it isnít their fault Ė they are not to blame. Talk about whatever is on their mind or however they are feeling to anyone that they have complete trust in and that they trust. But only do it if they are ready. Having someone force them to talk wonít help at all, because they wonít be able to tell them everything and will most likely draw in more anxiety. Sometimes, especially if they arenít comfortable talking to the others writing out their feelings and thoughts help out a lot also.
    15) Describe love in your own words?
    I think love is a mixture of many of the most the important feeling all compiled together.
    Trust, Respect, Hope, Devotion, Protection/Security (to want to protect and to want to be protected), desires, friendship, companionship, memories (good and bad), happiness and many more.
    Itís an emotion that cannot be explained in words but only felt.
    Itís emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense.

    16) what do you think abt muslim veil which is heard as niqab?
    I think that those who choose to wear the niqab deserve our respect and admiration for having the courage to be different in a society which tends to view the veil as a symbol of oppression.

    17) Have you visited your home country and did you feel cause here you are far away from all your relative?
    Iíve only been able to go back to India once in my life and that was back in 1993 when I was 9. I would love to go back one day. I loved being there for the month that we were there. I donít have much family in India, in fact the only family I have left in India to go back to is my grandfather. All my relatives live outside of India.
    18) What are your fav subjects to debate on?
    Debate? Ooh my I cannot debate for the life of me... Iíd rather have a healthy conversation on different subjects. But I will express my opinion on a subject especially if I feel strongly about it.
    19) Which dress u like and what color combination do u mostly prefer
    Iím all about comfort, but still looking put together. On an everyday basis I am mostly in jeans/pants and a tee/shirt. But will dress up for special occasions or when going out with friends.
    So a cross between being casual/girly/classic/fashionable/mod. I definitely do not or will never follow fashion trends.
    Iíll actually wear all colors as long as itís the right shade and if combining two or most colors they compliment or match each other. I love jewel tones and black the most though..I just find them to look very rich yet bright at the same time.
    20) What kind of experiences have made you be the person you are today? who kept ur name?
    Failure. Failing in and out of school, because of my mistakes and choices have made me who I am today. Even though those choices brought me to my lowest point in life, they also helped me grow into the woman I am today.

    1- If we were to ask your friends to describe you, what would they say?
    That I can be quiet yet loud and crazy at the same time. I would be someone they would depend on/lean on in times of trouble. I might not be able to do things for you all the time or get you things, but I would always have your back no matter what.
    2-To whom you share your secrets?
    Close friends.
    3- Let us know your view about friendship?
    I rather have a few really close friends than an entourage of ďfriendsĒ
    4- Your inspiration?
    Family and friends
    5- What are your strengths & weaknesses?
    Being emotional. Itís my biggest strength and weakness.
    6- How would you like to spend your vacations?
    Relaxing and enjoying the time with friends and family, and exploring and seeing new places/things.
    7- Are you a person who likes to ďTry new thingsĒ Or ďStay with regular routinesĒ? Give an example.
    Both. Depends on what it is and my mood. Most of the time I think Ďwhy not try something else.í If it doesnít work or I donít like it I can always go back to the old.
    8- What are your Top Three favourite Books or If you were on Desert, which three books do you want to have?
    OMG as much as I read and love reading, itís practically impossible for me to pick just three books..AHHH this is going to be hard!!!
    A Thousand Splendid Suns
    The Anthem
    The Giver
    9- Why did you choose this nick & Avatar?
    Refer back to my answer to Endurerís question. As for the avatar, I just randomly picked it, no reason.
    10- Explain yourself in five words?
    Witty, observant, cultured, fun-loving, and reliable

    Wicked: While driving I probably am doing all of the above at one point or another. Not very safe I know :nono; I try not to talk on the phone or text while driving, but it happens from time to time.

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    Interesting ED, it was nice to know you better I loved your answer to Q.15, beautifully defined and you covered the whole thing all together :up;

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