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Thread: Need Help in MS-EXCEL

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    Can anyone please explain V-Look Up function, every time I use it it displays error in the value box

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    check out this link wicked...if this link helps you..then make sure you post it here..

    Excel: VLookup Function

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    Thank You Rahen,

    I have tried that but, whenever I implement it in price list the result displayed is N/A...
    If some1 is good in VlookUp then plz xplain it step by step.

    I have a price list which has part number in left most column and 2nd column has price 3rd and 4th has description of item .

    now I use a s/w which after designing a project gives me in first column part numbers, 2nd column quantity and in 3rd column description.

    I want in fourth column the price of the part numbers which shall be taken from price list,.

    Please help me in this regard, it is arranged in descending order but still it gives N/A error

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    The Lookup function returns a value from a range (one row or one column) or from an array.The VLookup function searches for value in the left most column of table array and returns the value in the same row based on the index number.Excel vlookup function pulls data from table in Excel.

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    please dude show me the link

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