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    Hi everybody
    The Important of English cannot be underrated. Today in Pakistan there is a great need of skilled english langauge teachers. Thus if you want to make teaching a career, english should be the priority.

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    thers is lot of things cant understand by the Government or 5by the people...

    I Blame the people of pakistan , and wondering wheres the young , educated youth , why they cant stand infrony of all situations what OUR LOVELY BEAUTIFUL PAKISTAN is facing right now...

    And in that all the problems i an wondering where the education system in PAKISTAN , every institution has politics..

    If that is politics , then I think PAKISTAN dont need this...

    There are Rallies for everything but wheres the relaies for education ... ?

    English is must with everything now ...

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    Yes you are right dear!
    But the question is that how can we spread English language in the backward areas of our country?

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    simple by making teachers aware to sharp their skills..and then having english language at early school like in kg in govt schools also.

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    If you are interested in teaching English as a second language, it is first important to know what grade and age of students you feel comfortable working with.Make up a packet of beginning activities. Newcomer Programs are a source of reproducible materials. There’s something for everyone in this month’s edition. Take a look at our sample resources page for more ideas and then save all your favorites to your Learning Calendar.

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    I have read this whole matters and the thing is that I want to say you that if you lack experience or skills, you may want a formal study, often referred to generically as ESL training before going abroad in search of a teaching position in English.

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    I have read this whole stuff and the thing is that I want to say you that there are thousands of reasons that people have a desire to teach English, knowing you will help you determine where you will end up. The more thing is that it also involved the benefits, salary, location, time and commitment, the requirements.

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    English has to be taught as early in the childhood as possible.

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