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Thread: >> birthday game<<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zing, post: 392316
    oh btw i forgot to ask.. yeh MARKER kis ka naam rakha hua hey? lolzzz
    LLOOLL!!! best post of the month dude!:rolling;

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    Kissing a hockey stick is still better then being in a mental hospital.

    But excessive kissing a hockey stick may also lead to a mental hospital.

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    nahi being in a mental hospital is FUNNN!!!
    u get to lauf ALL DAY!!
    and play around!!
    but kissing a hockey stick??
    nnaahhhh =D

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    "Laugh All Day"

    who could laugh all day i want to stay away from that kind of fun. :-)

    what else i can do, no matter what colour of clothes i wear i have to kiss the hockey sticks :-(

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    poor poor you!!!
    acha chalo...zing ko kuch de dela ke order thora change ker do
    akhir jaan pehchan kab kaam ayegi

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    use to khud har chez ko kiss karna par raha hai,

    but the things he is kissing are better then hockey sticks :-(

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    ^^ hockey stick is not thatt bad if you kiss the RIGHT side

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    i danced with my dog because i waz high...

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    LOLL rahen!!!burri baat bacheee =(
    and shoaib!! =O
    ab nahi bata rahi

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