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Thread: Happy Birthday Hina

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    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Hina
    Happy Birthday To You

    Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
    Dream, I do.

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    ? m ?k ? ml ?? Mb ? ? t ???t ? h?? ?f M ?t
    M?t ???db ...

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    happy belated b-day Hina
    take life as it comes

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    4 days O_o? You are late by months...
    aye dil tu tanhaiyon main rehne ka AaDi hoja.. jinhein tu yaad karta hai wo bare masroof rehte hain..

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    Thank you Teddy Bear. I know I'm incredibly late, but what can ya do?

    Thank you to all who wished me.

    @Aadi- Days or months... better late than never :P
    Get off my back

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    HAPPY Birthday HINA..Allah Bless you..Belated wishes.:gathering:

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    happy birth day hina
    u make me happy

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