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Thread: The story game! <3

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    she just asked shaoib to follow her in their hunt for tulip, but shoaib being SHOAIB...fell in love with a cute jungli girl on their way to tulipz home!

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    Shoaib was not in love, she was just flirting being a guy. he asked himself why girls can't see a man happy.

    Shoaib told Hopeless that they would need the help of the Queen of DT "Rahen" to accomplish this task.

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    the jungli tribe punished shoaib for flirting with their girl by getting him married to the jungli, so now they were a gang of FOUR in search of tulip; shoaib, his wife kichi, hopeless and rahen

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    but the punishment turned out to be good because Kichi was very beautiful and intelligent girl unlike some other girls. and she knew all about the jungle.

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    sari DT ki girls kichi k beauty se jalti thi. aur us se jan churana chati thi.

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    but deep down shoaib knew that hopeless and rahen were drop dead gorgeous and kichi wasnt even close, he started thinking of ways to make kichi pretty.

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    making kichi beautiful was HopeLess :-). but to CoolShoaib it doesn't mattered that all the other girls were drop dead gorgeous. because he was in love with Kichi, and they became the most cute and most talked about couple in the land of DT. all the people forgot about finding "Tulip" and started gossiping about this couple.

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    hope was jealous of kichi and shoaib, so she asked rahen to find her a hot hunk!

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    Cool suggested to the Hope that brother of kichi named "PEECHI" was a handsome hunk.
    and they seemed to be a great couple both being Jangli.

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    dsjeya is looking for hill tribe girls for research,can i visit cool
    u make me happy

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