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Thread: The story game! <3

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    Dsjesa joined them too in search for Tulip.

    But instead of finding Tulip, he was more interested in finding the jangli girls,

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    was tulip kidnaped for ransom ?
    u make me happy

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    hopeless smacked shoaib for calling her JUNGLI!! =(

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    hopeless didn't liked people calling her jungli. but that's the way she was.

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    Thank you so much for choosing me as the main character in your story Shoaib just told me about it and I really enjoyed

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    but deep down shoaib knew she wasnt a JUNGLI he was just jealous cus she looked better than kichi

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    aawww tulippp...*hugz*
    jump in noww!!! =D

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    Shoaib and Hope found tulip at last and Tulip was very happy to see them :hug;

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    tulip thought kichi sucked too, she asked hopeless 'what was shoaib thinking??'

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    kichi was very happy to see Tulip, because she was her best friend.

    unlike hopeless

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