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Thread: The story game! <3

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    eh, not sure how it will turn out but let's try guys
    anyone can let the story evolve, ONE SENTENCE AT A TIME

    1. no sex talk (dsjeya)
    2. no racist crap

    ok lets start!

    once upon a time there was a little girl named TULIP

    *yeah tulip i miss ya:hug;*

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOP3_L3SS, post: 392662
    1. no sex talk (dsjeya)
    :lol; :-)

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    ^^ lets add some SPICE and TWIST TO IT!!

    she was best friends with another really sweet girl named RAHEN, these two used to gang up on all the newbies on DT =(

    *just KIDDING!*

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    hahaha she waz missed by Hopeless...and she is the member of the we asked for a party ..from her...

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    hopless looked for her everywhere she could!!!and then she found out something...

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    that tulip was too kanjoos for a party!!
    thats why she VANISHED!! =(

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    so hopeless asked shoaib to help her out, so they can maza urrraa from tulipz pocket

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    shoaib asked Hopeless how,

    But shoaib knew that Hopeless, just like here name was hopeless too.

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