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Thread: The Truth About College:

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    hahahahaha.. nice..

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    its really true we learn a lot in college life and also it is the best phase of life where we really enjoy our lives.......

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    Don't expect it to change anything that isn't already there. Education can all too often give one a superiority complex, while people of street smarts or business sense are already out making good salaries and taking in high incomes.College can be many things depending on what you need and what you want to accomplish, but it is not a cure-all.

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    I just have read this whole article which you have shown here and the thing is that I want to say you that it looks really that much nice and I totally agree with you. As now a days it happens in the in colleges.

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    Great sharing and informative stuff. I agree your thoughts as it is well explained the facts behind the college life and activities.

    Thanks and keep it up

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    Wow. Nice share. After reading this share i am dreaming my college days which now i can't get it back. We have fun and friends in college times. Everyone who are in college, enjoy these days because it will never come back in future. Enjoy Days!

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