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Thread: Make your photo impressive

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    Make your photo impressive

    Make your photo more impressive.

    1.Change photos' color:

    Open your photo you want to make it impressive.

    Anh choose this photoshop here:

    There're so many methods to change your photo's color, but I will show you some best ways to do that, easy to edit.

    First method:

    Go to menu Layer ~> New Adjustment Layer ~> Color Balance.

    With this Adjustment layer, you can change your color variety. OK, let's pick some nice color :

    ::Warm Color :

    Result :

    ::Cool Color :


    ::Emerald Color :

    result :

    ::Special Effect :

    Open your photo, go to menu Layer ~> New Adjustment Layer ~> Gradient Map...

    Choose this Gradient :

    Result :

    Zoom out your model :

    Pick Eraser Tool , set foreground color to White and start erasing on your model :

    Tip : set foreground to White = you have color areas

    set foreground to Black = you have black and white color

    Press X when brushing to switch between black and white.

    Keep brushing on your models and you will have something like this :

    Impressive? ^.^

    Have a nice day!

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    wow superb effects rahen. thanks

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    wow.. kool

    heheh aapi kitni fee len gi mere foto ko IMPRESSIVE bananey ke liye??

    koi impress hi nai hota :P
    m ???g ? ? h? ??t ???w?g ?ht ll ??d
    t ? v ??dd ??ll?w ? }{?? ?d b?d?? m M?d
    ?d !f ?h? ? ?? ???w ?ht t ??t ? ?v m ll ?d
    ?t ? tt? ?v ??vd ?d ???t th? ??t ?v t ll ? th M????g
    ? m ?k ? ml ?? Mb ? ? t ???t ? h?? ?f M ?t
    M?t ???db ...

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    good tutorial

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