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Thread: Get Your Own Rapidshare Premium Account Legally. It Works !!!

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    The most easiest way to get a rapidshare premium account is to, earn the money yourself and buy it. Here's how you can earn the money.

    1) Go to AlertPay or Paypal sign up for a Premium account (Or click on the link below)


    2) Enter the required information and complete the registration.(you can continue without giving ur credit card information while asked for.)
    3) After creating an AlertPay account, Go to these sites
    (Note : For security purposes, use different passwords for different sites.)

    A.W.Surveys The New Survey Experience

    I request all of you, to not remove my referral ID.

    4) Sign up in these sites, and start clicking on the ads to earn the money. Once you reach the minimum cashout balance in your account, ask for a cashout.
    5) When you receive your money, Go to and buy a premium account using your alertpay account.
    6) You can also use this money for many more purposes. Alertpay is accepted in many places all over the internet world. You can even request a check to your home or even better, transfer the money in your account to your bank account.

    I agree all this process takes time, but if you spend 15-20 mins everyday and click ads in all of the above sites for 1-2 months, you can buy yourself a rapidshare premium account valid for a year.

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    how much for a rapidshare premium account??

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    it depends on the duration of account...

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    Lets I have already Alertpay account :-)

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