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Thread: Gifted Vs Bright

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    Assalam aleikum,
    How are you all doing???the question i m abt to ask is v.normal among parents to consider in their children...some children with high IQ among his peers or class...would simply mean outstanding report cards and guaranteed success in later life, think again. As with any special learning need, gifted ability is fraught with its own set of trials.

    There is a big difference between being bright and being gifted, although the two are often confused. Jo Jewell, school counsellor at Dubai British School, says, "A lot of bright children will be high achievers across the board, while a gifted child will usually be exceptional in one area, such as music, drama, sport, or a particular academic subject, like physics. Gifted children will often have subjects or areas they don't excel in to, for example, a child could be extremely gifted in music but dyslexic; or a gifted sportsman might struggle academically."

    Devika Singh, psychologist at Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre, says, "It's important to remember that IQ is only one measure of intelligence, but most gifted children have a higher IQ than more than 95 per cent of children of the same age."

    Common characteristics

    Joan Franklin Smutny is founder and director of the Centre for Gifted at National-Louis University. Here's a list of characteristics and behaviours, which Smutny has found to be common among gifted children aged four to six.
    • Curiosity about a wide range of topics
    • Asking thoughtful questions
    • Strong use of vocabulary and complex sentence structure
    • An ability to express themselves well
    • An ability to solve problems in unique ways
    • A good memory
    • An exceptional talent in art, music, or creative dramatics
    • A vivid and original imagination
    • An ability to learn quickly and use newly learnt concepts, words or lessons in other contexts
    • An ability to order things in logical sequence
    • Ability to discuss ideas elaborately
    • Preference to work by themselves
    • Good sense of humour
    • An ability to maintain attention span
    • High level of observation skills
    • Creative ability to make up stories
    • A love for reading

    THe question is " Does Being Bright or Gifted child is a pressure from parents...and if you are (B/G)one of them...were you supported affectionately?"

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    It depends upon the parents, as some parents pressurize and some don't. I have have never been pressurized by my parents in anyway. Yes I was supported affectionately, although I don't consider myself to be bright but yes as everyone I also have some characteristics which are gifted and which were further enhanced by the support of my parents.

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    answers all questions..good entry..

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    According to Claxton we can help raise our children to be willing, happy learners and achievers by taking the following steps:

    • Don't overprotect children. They will learn from their mistakes. It is important that they don't get downhearted and give up whenever faced with potential failure.
    • Don't over-teach. Learning is more about finding out things, often the long, hard way, rather than being told the answer straight away.
    • Don't over-praise children for being smart - it will make them fragile when faced with failure, making them feel ‘un-smart'. Praise them for effort and ingenuity, for resilience and trying hard.
    • Allow children to mess up. Learning is two steps forward, one step back. It's about exploring different avenues and finding their way.
    • Don't define or label them too early on (e.g. you will become a doctor when you grow up) because they may surprise you with all sorts of interests. Be open to the full range of possibilities.
    • Help them learn the pleasure of persisting in the face of adversity. Albert Einstein reportedly once said that he did not necessarily have a higher IQ than everybody else, but that he was definitely more dogged and determined.

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    good information
    i am a second child of a middlle class family
    and by sheer determination and hard work and lot parental support and encouragement i succeded
    gifted ??
    u make me happy

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