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Thread: homosexuality - Islamic beliefs about

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    quick question - can anyone tell me what the official Islamic teaching is on homosexuality? what do you believe about it? how do you feel about it? how do feel toward homosexuals? what about people who have same-sex attraction, but who are not acting on it?

    is there an official teaching in Islam on this issue? thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 394457
    quick question - can anyone tell me what the official Islamic teaching is on homosexuality?
    Homosexuality is defined as : sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex

    Islam is a complete system rather than just religion with few ceremonial rites, every act that human being can perform can be judge by Islam, and Islam has laid down the criteria whether that act is worthy of praise and reward or it should be subjected to condemnation.
    Sex is not a bad thing in Islam, never does Islam discourages sex. Islam has very unique approach towards sex, as Islam is the only religion which not only permits but hails sex as an act of worship. Of course for this Islam has laid to some criteria to benefit human being, as Islam has laid for every other deed which human can execute. Islam has laid some criteria to perform sex, and when it’s done under that permissible boundaries then it is considered as worship and is a subject to praise and reward. If same act is performed outside the boundaries and transgressing the limits then it becomes condemnable and is punishable, as not only it is immoral but also it creates chaos and problems, as extra martial and pre martial affairs are the main reason for divorces etc. Few of the criteria’s which has been laid for sexual activity are as follows.

    1. It must be performed only after marriage between husband and wife
    2. The marriage must be approved by witness
    3. Anal sex is forbidden
    4. Sex during menstruation, Hajj, Umra, fasting etc is prohibited
    5. Every type of extra-marital and pre-marital affairs are strictly forbidden
    6. All types of homosexuality is condemned and strictly prohibited

    As your question deals with homosexuality, from above criteria we can derive the Islamic teaching, but below are few verses of Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad SWS which sheds light on homosexuality specifically.

    “ Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!”(26: 165-166).

    “Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant!” (27: 55).

    “For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” (7:81).

    Bukhari (72:774) - "The Prophet cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men,

    Reliance of the Traveller, p17.2 - "May Allah curse him who does what Lot's people did."

    From the above references we can have the crystal clear view of Islam’s stance on homosexuality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 394457
    what do you believe about it?
    I do not dare to question the command of my creator as for he knows what is good and what is bad, and it’s my faith that he never ask humans to indulge in something which is wrong and commands us to refrain from good acts/deeds.

    But for your understating or for those who need, I can state few reasons, which we Muslims do not need, but still what we can understand from our limited scope, we can surely tell that best stand on homosexuality is that of Islam, as it not even prohibits but also shows us the way to reduce and diminish it.

    Islam never allows unnatural deeds; it’s against the nature to be homosexual.

    There are few theories which have propped up in favor of homosexuality, specially a research which has been performed by Dr Dean H. Hamer, chief of the Gene Structure and Regulation Section of the National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Biochemistry, but lets analyze what the study shows and what Hamer a gay rights activist himself have to say about his studies.

    Dr Hamer and his coworkers, conducted a study of the pedigrees of gay men who also had gay brothers. Hamer found that such people had an excess of gay relatives on the mother’s, but not the father’s side of the family. Reasoning that this might indicate that sexual orientation might be linked to the X chromosome, thereby fanning the idea of “born like that”

    In 1999, on the other hand, Drs. George Rice, Neil Risch and George Ebers published their findings in Science after attempting to replicate Hamer’s Xq28 study. Their conclusion: “We were not able to confirm evidence for an Xq28-linked locus underlying male homosexuality.” Moreover, they added that when another group of researchers (Sanders, et al.) tried to replicate Hamer’s study, they, too, failed to find the genetic connection to homosexuality.We’ve been collecting families that have more than one gay person for five years, and we’ve gone through something like 400 pedigrees. In those [families] there is really no support for the idea that male homosexuality is X-linked. The DNA tests that were done didn’t even support Dean’s idea a bit. There wasn’t even a trend toward increased sharing of haplotypes down there at Xq28
    ( For More reference please visit the NARTH official website )

    Dr. Rice concluded in the Rice et al study
    It is unclear why our results are so discrepant from Hamer’s original study. Because our study was larger than that of Hamer’s et al
    ,we certainly had adequate power to detect a genetic effect as large as reported in that study. Nonetheless, our data do not support the presence of a gene of large effect influencing sexual orientation at position Xq28. (The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science)

    The hallmark of X-linked transmission is the absence of father-to-son transmission…It’s possible that just the relative absence of father-to-son transmission - because gay men tend not to have children - could have given Dean the impression of X-linked transmission in his first pedigree study. (Biological Determination Of Sexuality Heating Up As A Research Field)

    So many of the scientists proved that the study of Dr Hamer is not reliable, moreover have a look what Dr Hamer himself said about his study.

    We knew that genes were only part of the answer. We assumed the environment also played a role in sexual orientation, as it does in most, if not all behaviors…. Homosexuality is not purely genetic…environmental factors play a role. There is not a single master gene that makes people gay…I don’t think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay. (The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science)

    Citing the failure of his research, Hamer further writes

    The pedigree failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple Mendelian inheritance. In fact, we never found a single family in which homosexuality was distributed in the obvious pattern that Mendel observed in his pea plants. (The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science)

    Among Jeffrey Satinover’s conclusions on the “gay gene” are
    There is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is genetic-and none of the research itself claims there is. Only the press and certain researchers do, when speaking in sound bites to the public.

    In fact, gay-activist researcher Dean Hamer makes a revealing statement about science and morality. He states, “…biology is amoral; it offers no help in distinguishing between right and wrong. Only people, guided by their values and beliefs, can decide what is moral and what is not.

    Another very famous gay rights activist
    Lesbian activist Camille Paglia offers the following observation:
    Homosexuality is not “normal”. On the contrary it is a challenge to the norm…. Nature exists whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction…. No one is born gay. The idea is ridiculous…homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait….We should be honest enough to consider whether homosexuality may not indeed be a pausing at the prepubescent stage where children anxiously band together by gender….current gays can’t insist that homosexuality is ‘not a choice;’ that no one would choose to be gay in a homophobic society. But there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise. It takes an effort to deal with the opposite sex; it is safer with your own kind. The issue is one of challenge versus comfort

    She clearly says inspite of being gay rights activist, she tells us that it’s unnatural to be homosexual, but we are being forced to believe something else, we are being bombarded with information from main stream media that it’s ok to be gay and its natural, born like that theories are being fanned by them to spread this immorality. Many of the gay rights activist support the formation of gay clubs etc just because they think they have the right to be so, not that’s its natural.

    But let’s analyze whether it’s ok to grant rights to homosexual’s?
    When the disease can be cured then instead of curing, we cannot allow patients to be so, there are many therapies which can cure homosexuality, then why to allow them to suffer and create problems for whole society, few threats that are looming over our society due to this disease is

    1. Complete crash of family system, as if they cannot produce Childs there can be no way it can be termed as family. Natural is the process of reproduction, as this is the process by which human civilization is surviving, homosexuality is an attempt to defunct the very base of family and human survival.

    2. Increasing immorality and it’s an epidemic as, we can analyze the moment west fanned the rights of this people there population multiplied at an enormous rate.

    3. Homosexuality is major source for many diseases, few are mentioned below, we cannot provide rights to them to acquire this disease’s.

    a. Suicide : In October 1999, the Archives of General Psychiatry published two studies related to homosexuality and mental health. The first, “Sexual Orientation and Suicidality: A Co-twin Control Study in Adult Men” by Richard Herrel et al, reported that same-gender sexual orientation is significantly associated with each of the suicidality measures. The study found that men with same-sex partners were 2.4 times as likely as their co-twins to have thoughts about death, 4.4 times as likely to want to die, 4.1 times as likely to have suicidal ideation, 6.5 times as likely to have attempted suicide, and 5.1 times as likely to have any of the suicidal symptoms. After adjustment for substance abuse and depressive symptoms (other than suicidality), all of the suicidality measures remained significantly associated with same-gender sexual orientation except for wanting to die

    b. Mental illness: The Archives of General Psychiatry also published in its January 2001 issue a study titled, “Same-Sex Sexual Behavior and Psychiatric Disorders: Findings from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS)” by Sandfort et al., which found that psychiatric disorders were more prevalent among homosexually active people compared with heterosexually active people. Homosexual men were 2.94 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of mood disorder and 2.61 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of anxiety disorder than heterosexual men. Homosexual women were 4.05 times as likely to have a 12-month prevalence of substance use disorders than heterosexual women.

    c. Kaposi Sarcoma: In an indirect fashion, anal intercourse is implicated in the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma, one of the diseases on the AIDS-indicator list of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This is because nitrite inhalant recreational drugs, known commonly as “poppers”, have been popular in the gay community and are used to facilitate this practice through relaxation of the anal sphincter. Researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse have recognized that nitrite inhalant abuse is associated with Kaposi’s sarcoma, and HIV-negative gay men with a history of using poppers have developed this disease.
    The International Journal of Dermatology explains why homosexuals’ behaviors place them at high risk for this disease, which affects the mucous membranes and the skin of its victims:
    In this high risk group [the gay male population], the predominant portal of entry of free and cell-bound HIV as well as the brunt of associated cofactors and opportunistic infections can be traced to both ends of the gastrointestinal tract (mouth and anus) and also the genitalia, which happen to be common sites for KS lesions in addition to their lymphatic watersheds.
    Kaposi’s sarcoma has taken a particularly tragic toll on HIV-infected homosexual men, sending them to an earlier grave than their IV-drug user counterparts. AIDS reports:
    According to our data, homosexual men had a significantly higher risk of progression to AIDS and shorter survival compared with IDU [IV drug users] and other categories. In a multivariate analysis the increased risk was found to be independent of demographic and clinical characteristics but was accounted for by the higher probability of developing Kaposi's sarcoma.

    d. Hodgkin’s DiseaseHomosexual men suffering from HIV/AIDS also suffer from other cancers and lymphomas. One study published in the Annuls of Medicinenoted the connection between homosexual AIDS patients and Hodgkin’s disease. The study concluded, “An excess incidence of Hodgkin’s disease was found in HIV-infected homosexual men.” The Journal of Clinical Oncology published a study that further supports a connection between homosexual male AIDS patients and Hodgkin’s disease.

    e. Anal Cancer Homosexual males are also at elevated risk for anal cancer. A likely possibility is that chemicals in the lubricants used to facilitate anal intercourse are a factor associated with this disease. Researchers R.J. Ablin and R. Stein-Werblowsky describe sperm and seminal plasma as capable of promoting cancer, and suggest that this accounts for the increase in cancer among people practicing anal sex.One article in the New England Journal of Medicine commented, "Our study lends strong support to the hypothesis that homosexual behavior in men increases the risk of anal cancer: 21 of the 57 men with anal cancer (37 percent) reported that they were homosexual or bisexual, in contrast to only one of 64 controls." The Journal of the American Medical Association also published similar findings: "Epidemiological studies have shown that risk factors for anal cancer include homosexuality, history of receptive anal intercourse, presence of anal condylomata, and smoking." And the International Journal of Cancer stated, "Being single and having practiced anal intercourse appears to be associated with anal cancer and case reports have suggested a recent increase in the number of cases of anal cancer."Another article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that, “…studies indicate that immunosuppressed male homosexuals have a high prevalence of anal human papilomavirus infection and anal intra-epithelial neoplasia, and this population may be at significant risk for the development of anal cancer.”
    Along the same lines, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded: “Anal intercourse may predispose to anal cancer through the transmission of an infection, most probably infection with human papillomavirus.”

    f. Impairment of Immune Response Several researchers have concerned themselves with the immune dysfunction consequent to the direct entry of semen into the bloodstream by means of anal intercourse. Joseph Sonnabend has argued that repeated exposures to semen combined with various sexually transmitted disease pathogens result in impairment of immune response. Robert Root-Bernstein concluded that exposure to semen through anal intercourse can initiate lymphocytotoxic autoimmunity. Another researcher who recognizes the pathogenic effects of semen is Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos (Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia), author of “Looking Back on the Oxidative Stress Theory of AIDS” published in Continuum volume 5, number 5 - mid-winter 1999.

    g. AIDS : The CDC reports in its June 2000 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report that men who have sex with men (MSM) account for the majority of AIDS cases in the United States.

    In the United States, HIV-related illness and death historically have had a tremendous impact on men who have sex with men (MSM). Even though the toll of the epidemic among injection drug users (IDUs) and heterosexuals has increased during the last decade, MSM continue to account for the largest number of people reported with AIDS each year. In 1999 alone, 15,464 AIDS cases were reported among MSM, compared with 10,138 among IDUs and 7,139 among men and women who acquired HIV heterosexually

    The World Health Organization in its Global HIV/AIDS and STD Surveillance reports on the epidemiology of AIDS in different countries. Giving the Netherlands as a first example due to its large acceptance of gay practices comparative to other countries worldwide, homosexuals form 68.6% of AIDS cases, whereas heterosexuals form only 15.2%. Intra-venous drug users (IDU) form 11.6% and blood donations 2.3%. In the UK, MSM form 65.8% of AIDS cases followed by 18.1% heterosexuals. IDU form 8.1% of the cases. Those two countries are given as typical examples of what is found in other European countries in general where homosexuality is more commonly practiced.

    h. STD: Dr. Steven Wexner of the Cleveland Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, stated in a 1990 study published in Diseases of the Colon and Rectumthat “up to 55% of homosexual men with anorectal complaints have gonorrhea; 80% of the patients with syphilis are homosexuals. Chlamydia is found in 15% of asymptomatic homosexual men, and up to one third of homosexuals have active anorectal herpes simplex virus.
    The Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1991 stated that “gonorrhea was associated with urethral discharge…and homosexuality (3.7 times higher than the rate among heterosexuals).”
    This is especially true of gonorrhea of the pharynx. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology found, “In homosexual men a much higher prevalence of pharyngeal gonorrhea (15.2%) was observed in comparison with heterosexual men (4.1%).”

    i. Surgical problems and medical problems: Dr. Selma Dritz wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, “Oral and anal intercourse present physicians with surgical as well as medical problems, ranging from anal fissures and impaction of foreign bodies in the rectum to major diagnostic dilemmas.” Dr. Marlys Witte et al. noted in The International Journal of Dermatology that homosexual male practices such as “receptive anal and oral intercourse and oral-anal contact, recurrent rectal trauma associated with ‘fisting’, and venereal and parasitic infections, lead to many medical problems including tissue inflammation...intense angiogenesis, and progressive fibrosis.” Finally, Dr. Christina M. Surawicz et al. noted that “homosexually active men have frequent intestinal and rectal symptoms resulting from sexually acquired gastrointestinal infections

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 394457
    how do you feel about it?
    I feel that it’s the best stand any religion can take, as Islam has show us the ways to achieve, i.e by laying down the rules how to & what to wear. Islam does not allow us to uncover the (Minimum dress on the body) satar even in same sex presence, no man remove the satar before any man nor an women can do in presence of other women, by stating men to lower their glance and be modest. I feel Islam is a complete solution which should be acted upon to achieve the results and fruits.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 394457
    how do feel toward homosexuals?
    I feel they have misguided, and the environmental and other conditions are responsible, but they can be cured. I feel they have to take steps to move towards naturalization. I feel they can overcome this state.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 394457
    what about people who have same-sex attraction, but who are not acting on it? is there an official teaching in Islam on this issue? thanks.
    They are abstaining from it, so it’s a great thing, but they have to make sure that they do not continue as no one knows when satan can play his trick and they will be lead astray. There are many therapies which can solve problem for this type of people, they have to consult the right person and for more information they can log on to NART website.
    Islamic teaching on this issue, is if the person is having attraction then he cannot have looks or continue to be attracted. He have to marry himself to a good lady so that his attraction can be nullified, and if he resisted his desires and was able to overcome the temptation then he will rewarded. Repent towards the Allah for forgiveness.
    As I do not have enough knowledge on the Islamic fiqh, I cannot give you 100% details are other sides and solutions. I recommend you to consult to any good person who has the authority on Islamic Fiqh, as only those people have the authority to provide judgments in this type of cases. I have stated what I felt, if there is something wrong in this then I am solely responsible for that, and I ask for repentance from Allah. I will appreciate any correction.

    Thanks, hope you will find this useful
    Allah knows the best.

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    Thank You For The Response!

    Thanks for the response, 'wicked'; I appreciate that you took all that time to respond to my thread and to give me all that information! That was very thorough, and I appreciate it very much!

    I understand better now, as to the Islamic teaching on this issue. I have struggled with the attraction for a long time, though I am not practicing! I want to overcome it; I really do! All of that information was very helpful; thanks again, man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 395131
    Thanks for the response, 'wicked'; I appreciate that you took all that time to respond to my thread and to give me all that information! That was very thorough, and I appreciate it very much!

    I understand better now, as to the Islamic teaching on this issue. I have struggled with the attraction for a long time, though I am not practicing! I want to overcome it; I really do! All of that information was very helpful; thanks again, man!
    Thank You for liking the response Andrew.

    I am sad that you have been struggling to overcome from this quagmire, I pray to GOD to guide you and help you in overcoming this feeling. Its great to hear that you want to overcome this, I really hope you do.

    Here is a hope for you and people like you who really want to overcome.

    The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) released the results of a two-year study this week in conjunction with its annual meeting of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists, social workers, family counselors, clergy and related professionals. The study was conducted among nearly 860 individuals struggling to overcome homosexuality and more than 200 psychologists and therapists who treat them. The survey was sponsored by NARTH; its data was tabulated by professionals at Brigham Young University.

    A qualitative portion of the survey confirmed Nicolosi's statements. Comments provided by respondents included:

    * "When I realized that homosexuality was a trap," one man stated, "I turned to others for help. My therapist and our relationship provided a model for appropriate male-to-male, nonsexual relationships, and taught me about appropriate touching, bonding and expression of needs."
    * Another man wrote: "I had been involved in compulsive behavior several times a week for eight years, from the time I left home and began living on my own. I had occasional physical encounters as well. Since joining a therapy group, I've had no recurrence of compulsive masturbation, no use of phone sex or pornography, with basically no desire to participate in those behaviors. The attraction to men lingers, but every week I participate [in] the group encourages me more."
    * A female respondent stated: "I never expected this much recovery. My relationships with men have greatly improved--I am able to relate sexually to my husband in a way I was never able to before. I'm learning to leave the familiar protective emotions of contempt, arrogance, pseudo self-sufficiency, anger and self-indulgence behind, and practice the emotions of love instead."
    * "Change is extremely difficult and requires total commitment," said a male respondent. "But I have broken the terrible power that homosexuality had over me for so long. I haven't been this light and happy since I was a child. People can and do change, and become free."

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    I can help you more practically if you give me your religious back ground.

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    My religious background is Christianity; specifically, Catholicism.

    "The survey was sponsored by NARTH; its data was tabulated by professionals at Brigham Young University." LOL Trust me, man, there are no 'professionals' at Brigham Young University! That is a Mormon institution. I do not believe anything any Mormon says about anything; I believe Mormonism to be the worst religion on earth! So, anything that comes out of a Mormon institution is automatically discredited by me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewthewarrior, post: 395226
    My religious background is Christianity; specifically, Catholicism.

    "The survey was sponsored by NARTH; its data was tabulated by professionals at Brigham Young University." LOL Trust me, man, there are no 'professionals' at Brigham Young University! That is a Mormon institution. I do not believe anything any Mormon says about anything; I believe Mormonism to be the worst religion on earth! So, anything that comes out of a Mormon institution is automatically discredited by me!
    Leave all the stats and studies... still strong relationship with GOD can help you to find truth and it will help you in overcoming the feeling too. Inshallah I will try to suggest you the ways soon.

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    Thanks, 'wicked'; I appreciate it!

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