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Thread: My Daily Ibadah(worship) check

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    My Daily Ibadah(worship) check

    Weigh your deeds before its too late!

    Doesn't time seem to be flying faster and faster by the day?

    Indeed, the Prophet(SAW) told us that one of the signs of the Last Day would be that “time would move faster - so that a whole year would pass like a month, a month would pass like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the amount of time it takes to kindle a fire.” {Ahmad}

    This means we need to ACT now - how long will we put off good deeds till tomorrow deluding ourselves into thinking we can be more "religious" when we get older? We need to weigh our good deeds in the Balance of Scales today before they are weighed before us on the Day of Judgement when we will not be able to act.

    To help with this daily reflection, you can download and print of this Daily Ibaadah Check which simplifies this process and introduces a clear measure for judging daily performance.


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    So true...nice message friend.

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