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Thread: Focus on What is Good

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    Focus on What is Good

    When you think about what you don't want to happen,

    It happens! Concentrating on what you fear and
    Obsessing about negative outcomes has a way of
    Manifesting disastrous images in your head.
    These images are very powerful and often turn into

    Instead, create pictures in your mind of what
    You want. Imagine the best possible outcome. Take
    A minute or two to do this everyday.

    When you focus your energy towards things you
    Really want, rather than toward what you don't want,
    That is the response that is delivered. Try it.
    It is an amazing phenomenon.

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    What a lovely advice Hussna, I liked it a lot :bigthumb;

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    Positivity Always pays

    yes and it always works.nothing like being positive

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