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Thread: Spring Rolls

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    Spring Rolls


    3 to 4 pieces of chicken
    Half cabbage finely julian cut
    5 to 6 carrots gratted
    4 spring onion sliced
    black pepper to taste
    salt to taste
    soy sauce 3 to 4 tablespoon
    spring roll wraper one pack
    oil 3 to 4 tablespoon


    Boil the chicken pieces and shred them. Then heat some oil and put the cabbage in it and fry it till it become soft but don't over cook it.
    Then do the same thing with carrots. Do not fry the chicken and spring onion; in the end mix all the ingredients together. Make the rolls fry them and serve them with chilli sauce.

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    yummy............................................. ..

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    Thanks chocolate =)

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    This recipe given by you is really nice, it's sounds really yummy, I really like this recipe and now I tried it at my home, I hope that many people will also like this recipe and really appreciate you, really awesome.

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    Thanks a lot Jennyjohn and welcome to Desitwist =)

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    Its look really yummy, I love it,When I have free time so I am sure first I will make it, but Still my mouth is melting to seen this delicious, Its look really yummy.Great post.

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    This recipe was really nice and it's easy to made at home and I think that all like this recipe too much and it's taste was really crispy and delicious.

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    This recipe is really nice .thx a lot

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    This recipe is really nice .thx a lot

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    This recipe is really nice .thx a lot

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    Thanks for liking

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