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Thread: Clothing Patterns for free

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    Assalam aleikum,
    I think we all should come out of looking into images of different styles coming out in fashion nowadays...and get into the habit of wearing our own hand made...which is convenient in our own skin...this thread carries the basic point of patterns...that are free online...the patterns included here come in the category of clothing, ladies clothing and gents clothing...Majority of the patterns are usually available in pdf need to download adobe reader.

    How to Make Your Own Hoodie | ThreadBanger - D.I.Y Fashion & Style

    Patterns That Fit You - Free Skirt Class
    RePlayGround - DIY - how to transform an old umbrella into a waterproof skirt
    Wrap Skirt
    ˇThe AntiCraft!
    Easy Pleated Skirts - Threads
    Amy Butler Design


    SHOWstudio - DRESS ME UP, DRESS ME DOWN - Looks
    Spirals & Ellipses: Clothing the Body Three-Dimensionally
    V&A - The Golden Age of Couture - Exhibition

    Vintage Clothing
    Free Patterns Menu: Period Clothing Patterns and Cutting Diagrams - The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion (contains gentlemen pattern , children clothing pattern also)
    The Vintage Connection

    salwar kameez and neckline pattern
    Salwar kameez Neckline -
    Fashionable Hut: Patiala salwar Pattern
    Salwar Kameez Sewing Instruction | Stiching instruction of Salwar Kameez

    Baby Clothes pattern

    overview of free online patterns for sewing babyclothes

    Embriodery pattern
    Salwar Kameez Designs, Design Patterns, Chikankari Embroidery, Kantha Embroidery, Kashmiri Embroidery, Mirror Embroidery, Phulkari Embroidery, Zardozi Embroidery

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    That's great Rahen. The other day i was thinking of learning it. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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    I like your site!! I invite you to take a tour on my jewelry website : , and if should more information is required.

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    i really loved your jewellery have got great you have any outlets in uae...
    thanks tulip...we contribute to this collection...and be helpful for our members...

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    that is so nice of you rahen

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    oh really you want to learn it...that means we need to start from beginning..that is measurement...sewing tools...needles information...pattern cutting and drafting...and then in the end types of stitching...and stitching yourself.

    if any one has sewing book at home..that can also be of help...

    baby clothes pattern some good resources..

    a great site for they have how to articles...and here is the list..

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    My brain is a little rambly today so bear with me. Buttons or zippers are always good replacements for closing a seam where you have used smocking or hand gathering instead of elastic to get the look of rutching. you will have to perfect the art of placket making and though it is easy it is fussy with corners and lapping and such things which require precision fitting of small pieces. Not so much in vogue these days so not found in patterns very often.

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    true...there are different kind of zips used...some come back and forward...some are hidden...some can be opened both the is really something to master in to get some good finishing after ironing effect.

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    very good.thanks rahen .my wife will be happy to see them

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